Cost Management

It is a sad fact that UK companies in recent times have faced increasing pressure on their profit margins and have cut both costs and staff to the bone – not just to stay competitive but also to survive. The major areas of expenditure in which savings were historically limited are communications, energy and water. UK businesses know that opportunities exist to significantly reduce their costs in these areas but confusion marketing and the enormous and ever changing range of services available mean they simply don’t know where to look.

Few UK companies have neither the time or resources to track every invoice and question every charge, let alone stay up-to-date with the marketplace. This means few of these companies ever take full advantage of the cost saving opportunities that exist and as a result billions of pounds are wasted every year in unnecessary expenditure.

Tygrove Consulting is a consultancy organisation geared to help predominantly financial directors make informed decisions on their non-strategic costs.

Our focus has traditionally been in the SME markets, with work being carried out mostly in the South of England. Because we are focused on managing costs day-in, day-out we know where, what and how to ask the right questions to ensure we achieve the objectives of each project much quicker than most organisations are able to.

We invest in training and ensure all our specialists are up-to-date with current and forthcoming legislation to be able to make effective recommendations. Not only do we keep up to date, but all our specialists have extensive Project Management experience to ensure that when asked to do an implementation we do not leave our clients in the lurch but take a proactive approach to ensure the recommendations we put forward produce immediate benefits.

We follow the notion that each of our ‘Clients are King’. We offer each client a personalised service. They are briefed every step of the way from initial review through to post-audit monitoring.

Tygrove Consulting help manage your bottom-line by taking a focus on costs of the business are able to deliver clear solutions to problems. Not by charging high fees to tell you how to do something and then leave you there. We take a holistic approach to the assignments we undertake ensuring real value is created by our involvement.

One of the major problems in this is for our Clients not knowing they are doing something efficiently. Using our bespoke models and market data we are able to create benchmarks which helps the organisation know where they currently are. From this we can then able to work alongside the Client and ascertain the best way going forward that will meet their Cost Management objectives. We typically work with the finance function of small to medium size businesses, helping to free up time and resources within the organisation to be productive.

How we saved a nationwide Laundry over £100,000 in a few weeks of implementation and continued savings still today.
A chain of beauty salons save thousands on their merchant card expenditure.
A high-tech manufacturer plugs a stock inventory hole costing over £250,000 annually.

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