Cost Management FAQ

What can you provide that I don’t already have?
Time. Our analysts can begin a project within days of receiving your instruction to proceed and will usually complete a project within four to six weeks.

How much of my own staff’s time will these projects take?
We know how valuable your time is and endeavour to undertake our work with minimum impact on your resources. We provide the people to undertake the initial data collection and perform the analysis work off site. The next time we usually meet is for the presentation of our findings. Any recommendations that you authorise us to implement we again do that at our own offices. Your time is needed when making an informed decision, we do all the legwork for you so you can make effective decisions.

What if you don’t make a saving? How much will it cost me?
Nothing. For all routine audits we work on a contingency basis meaning no saving-no fee. However, if we undertake major projects or non standard work, day rates may be charged by prior agreement.

The quality of product and service I receive are important. Will I have to sacrifice that to make savings?
In many cases we successfully renegotiate with your incumbent supplier. Where we recommend alternative suppliers they will already have proven themselves to existing clients and should provide at least the same levels of product and service.

I am regularly approached by companies seeking my business. What makes you different?
We are completely supplier independent and will always make recommendations in the best interests of you the client. Our recommendations are also supported by the detailed analysis we undertake during the project.

We operate in a highly competitive environment and our invoice data could be quite sensitive. Can we trust you ?
Yes. All the work that we undertake is done in the strictest confidence and we are happy to enter into confidentiality agreements where appropriate.

How do we know that you can make meaningful savings for us?
You don’t, and until an area has been reviewed, neither do we, although we can usually tell at the time of data collection. If we cannot generate savings in any area you will at least have the benefit of knowing that you are buying as effectively as you can.

How do you prove the savings?
In addition to the forecast in the recommendation report, we undertake audits after implementation to measure the savings actually achieved.

We are only a small company. Is it cost effective for us to go through this exercise?
Very much so. We have specific schemes for smaller businesses which can realise meaningful savings with minimal impact upon your own time.