Web Services

We have particular specialism in building Web Applications in PHP/Mysql. We develop and implement bespoke web applications that make your existing site more business friendly. If you are looking to add more functionality to your site then we can:

Create a back-end database – Useful to connect business data to your site and make your ‘shop window’ a valid profit enabler

Design, create and build a specific web application specific to your needs

Build an Administration engine – Help keep track of enquiries, leads, reporting

Content Management System customisation – Just want an existing site running with minimal technical know-how required. We will setup and configure the site and pass over to you to add wording.

The great advantage in using us is our flexibility. Hire us for an hours work or more. We are an extremely cost-effective partner to ensure you have a site that conveys your requirements and is delivered within budget and time.
Our expertise here is working clients in cross-border timezones, in industries such as Finance, Media, Retail and Transport.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.